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Learn Chinese - For Kids

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Get started with Chinese!Listen to the word, learn what itmean and practice your writing* Easily learn how to write simple Chinese Characters and understand their meaning.* Free-form writing practice* On or off guidance* Get creative and make your own drawing / paintings* Choose your brush and paint with Black Ink or ink wash / Sumi-e.* Learn to write 25+ beautiful Chinese characters
Ages: 5 and up
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step." Laozi (6th Century BC)
Written Chinese is based on a pictographic system, as opposed to an alphabetical system. Words are not formed by letters, they are represented by characters. A Chinese character stands for a syllable, and is not a letter of an alphabet. For instance, 子 means 'child'. Each character is composed of strokes. For instance, the following character 女 meaning "woman" is composed of 3 strokes Help beginners learn Chinese Mandarin